Dominika Magáčová
About my story

I believe in what I do

I was born in a small town in eastern Slovakia. I used to steal my moms tools and try to knit some clothes since I was a kid. I have always fancied clothes and fashion designers, its my dream to have my own brand by becoming a designer. I graduated from High School of Fashion, I have been interested in fashion since my childhood. In 2004 I decided to go to the Czech Republic, where I continued and moved forward with my studies at the Clothing School of Graphic Design in business. When people ask me about my job, I just say that I do not think about it like a job it´s my passion, hobby and my all time dream.

About products

Elegance and uniqueness

All my products are handmade. I use several kinds of quality wool that is pleasant even for the most sensitive skin. With regard to the requirements of each of you, I am always happy to advise, design and create original accessories, which I can decorate with Swarovski stones . If you do not know how to choose gifts or would like to make yourself or someone close, in my offer you can find not only women's, but also men's and children's fashion accessories. I would like to gradually enrich my offer by sewing women's formal skirts and dresses.

Made with love.

Dominika Magáčová